Kohlrabi-salad on «Egg&Plant-Art»
Salad sauce
  1. Add oil and vinegar into a mixer, then add the parsley, garlic and some ginger. Mix it up well and refine the liquid with some honey, lemon juice and salt & pepper. Find the perfect tuning within the ingredients and mix it up one more time. Don’t forget to taste it!
  1. Peel the red radish and kohlrabi and cut it in a preferred size (sticks or discs) or grate it in a vegetable slicer. We cut them into small sticks. It is also possible to cut them both very thin with a asparagus peeler.
  2. Cut the apples and the radish also in small discs. Now the salad can be served and garnished. Fort he decoration you can add some sesame on top. Also add the the radish sprouts on top in ordert o have a slightly hot aroma. Last but not least, add the prepared salad sauce over the fresh salad. Now everything is ready for the table – enjoy!