DIY: Potato Yeast
  1. First, boil the potatoes. We recommend cooking several potatoes at once and making a delicious potato dish with the leftovers.
  2. Leave the potatoes to cool down slightly, then grate them using an extra fine grater. The resulting potato mixture should have a fine, smooth consistency — no chunks!
  3. Mix the grated potatoes with the beer and sugar and pour the mixture into a well sealed glass.
  4. Our tip: To ensure your homemade yeast doesn’t go mouldy, make sure the glass is completely clean and dry
  5. Now place the glass in a warm spot in your home and let the mixture work it’s magic.
Using the potato yeast
  1. After three days the potato yeast is ready for use. Due to the yeast contained in the beer, the sugar and starch in the potatoes, a gas-forming process takes place in the glass. These gases are what cause the bread dough to float and stimulate loosening.
  2. The potato yeast is sufficient for 1kg flour. You can add this to the flour mixture instead of the normal yeast, let the bread rise as usual and then bake it.
  3. ATTENTION: The homemade potato yeast should be left to rise a little longer. This will make the bread taste just as good as when you use ordinary yeast from the supermarket.