Brussel sprouts: what are they?

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We all love Brussel sprouts, nurture them as if they were little babies, carefully cherish them…wait, wrong intro! Most of us hate them and try to avoid them, leaving spontaneously bought pieces in the back of the drawer to rot.

Maybe that was a bit harsh, but the sulfurous aroma and mushy texture of those little cabbage wannabes truly don’t entice many people.

And yet: to tell you the whole truth: Brussel sprouts don’t have to be as repulsive as you might remember eating them as a child. Now they are obviously regaining some respect and in large part due to the fact that people have learned how to use the internet. There you can easily find many different truths about sprouts that will change your mind once and for all.

First of all, they look pretty darn nice sitting on the stalk like berries on a bush. Just look it up on the web. This moment alone turns foes into friends.

Secondly, when cooked right they become true stars of the evening – nutty and sweet. To do it properly you’ll have to cook them well to caramelise the outer leaves and to bring the sweetness to light (hiding the sulfurous aroma that is subdued by the caramelisation). The most reasonable way to do this:

  1. Take out your favorite skillet.
  2. Heat it well.
  3. Add neutral oil to the skillet and heat well.
  4. Then throw the little buddies in. Try not to overcrowd them, you don’t want any excessive moisture inside.
  5. Don’t forget to season your sprouts well with salt and pepper and you are good to go.

Eat them as they are or mix with other veggies (roasted in an oven for instance) and meats, if you like. Bacon is a very good starting point for experimenting. Well, it always is.

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