Can You Hear The Beet?

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Beetroots get a bad rap because many moms many times would boil them, slice them and, usually without proper seasoning, feed us with them to our greatest disgust. What? It never happened to you? Now you know that beet thing.

But one day somebody was speculating on the essence of the beetroot and came to the conclusion that it can be used to make people happier. You know that beetroots are used as the major source of sugar production, don’t you? It’s because of their high sucrose content. “But if it’s refined into sugar, maybe it can be refined directly into cakes?” This is a plausible explanation of the way of thinking that led to many sweet recipes with beets inside. We are happy to highlight some of the ideas.

Try to make smoothies with beets. Just take equal parts roasted beets and frozen raspberries, toss them into the blender with one banana and dilute with almond or soy milk. You’re gonna like the color! That’s pretty easy, huh?

Want something more complicated, try to browse the internet and look for recipes where beets and dark chocolate unite. It can be bundt cakes, scones, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, bread, muffins, you name it. Imagine how vast your possibilities are!

But there is one thing in particular that we gravitate towards – frozen yogurt with beet. Just imagine what beautiful color you get when those two mix together. Magic magenta. This recipe is an absolute must-try. You’ll need 2 cups of Greek yogurt and 2-3 medium pureed roasted beets (wrap them in foil with olive oil and salt for 40-45 min until juicy and fork tender) blended together with some honey. Then for the difficult part. Buy an ice cream machine and finish the dish by churning it. Of course, you don’t have to buy extra equipment for a couple of scoops of dessert. You can put the mixture into a bowl and freeze it before devouring.

(Finger) licking good!

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