Get ready for spring!

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Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer. Yes, there’s no mistaking the signs: spring is on its way!

Nature, plants and animals, are waking up. Everyone seems to be on board. But what about us?

In this article, I’m going to share with you some tips for getting through this transition period (which can sometimes be trying) in the best possible conditions. But first, I want to tell you about two foods that symbolise the transition from winter to spring.


Dandelion is generally harvested from March onwards. It’s at this time of year that we find it all around us. For this reason, I think this plant represents spring very well.

The young leaves used for salad are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals. The root, which is very rich in inulin, is consumed as a decoction. Inulin is the plant’s energy reserve and an excellent carbohydrate with prebiotic properties that stimulate the intestinal flora.

The action of inulin and the antioxidants present in large quantities (polyphenols and beta-carotenes) make dandelion a plant much sought-after for its depurative virtues


When you find asparagus at Farmy, you know that spring is just around the corner. What’s more, asparagus can be used in all kinds of dishes and adds a lot of pep to your meals.

Asparagus is particularly rich in vitamin K, essential for blood clotting and bone health, and folates, a nutrient involved in cell growth and DNA formation (which is why it’s so popular during pregnancy).

Like dandelion, asparagus is also an excellent source of antioxidants, which protect your cells and deliver numerous benefits to the body. In this respect, green asparagus is more interesting than white asparagus, as the former contains chlorophyll, a powerful antioxidant. It is renowned for its diuretic and depurative virtues.

This is how you transition well into spring

The transition from winter to spring puts your body under pressure. The change in brightness and the shift to summer time disrupt your body’s biological rhythm. This will temporarily affect your sleep and metabolism (the Nobel Prize was awarded in 2017 to three geneticists for advances on this subject, called chronobiology).

Temperature changes also affect your body. With sunshine and milder temperatures, we tend to be less cautious. As a result, our immune defences are put to the test.

So here are my three tips for getting into spring in tip-top shape:

  • Tip #1: Eat a balanced diet. Take advantage of all those “detox” foods that arrive with spring to fill up on nutrients.
  • Tip #2: Rest. A rested body is more efficient. Sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep lasts between 7 and 8 hours. No more, no less!
  • Tip #3: Regular physical activity. Exercise is the key to good health. This is the ideal time of year to take up an outdoor activity since it’s not as cold.

So what better way is there to welcome spring than with a generous dandelion salad or a plate of wok-fried asparagus? Let’s wake up with nature and enjoy all the fresh, local produce it has to offer!

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