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The St. Jakob Foundation works with a lot of heart and passion. The former basket weaving mill has now become a large company with 500 employees, which is considered an economically oriented social enterprise. The entire team shows great appreciation for all people and helps them to integrate socially. In doing so, they promote harmonious interaction and rely on open and honest communication.

Please introduce your company in three sentences

Since 1902, St. Jakob in the heart of Zurich has developed from a basket weaving mill into a diverse company with over 500 employees. Today we are an economically oriented social enterprise. We offer people with disabilities a market-oriented job in a social environment and facilitate their social integration.

Why did you decide to work with Farmy?

Farmy is innovative, contemporary, regional and supports small businesses.

What is special about your products and their production?

Our products are all handmade from regional ingredients., whenever possible. We offer people with a disability a market-oriented job in a social environment and facilitate their social integration.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

Five branches in Zurich, our online shop and various customers/stores like Farmy or B2B.

How does a normal working day look for you?

We work from 22:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, the bakery and confectionery works at night and during the day we produce tirggel (honey cookies) and chocolate products.

What changes has the crisis brought about for your company?

· Gastronomy/big companies are currently no longer ordering

· Growth in our Online Shop

· Dispatch by mail has increased.

Do you see potential or opportunities arising from the crisis?

· Process optimisation

· new business fields

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