Christmas Hacks for a Stress-free Christmas

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The search for the perfect gift has already begun, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree is in full swing and the ingredients for the most delicious Christmas meal were selected and ordered weeks ago. But the Christmas season should be about more than just stress and hectic chaos. We have put together the best Christmas hacks for you to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

Christmas can happen without stress

No one says you have to find the most beautiful tree or the perfect gift. Nevertheless, we like to put ourselves under pressure during the Christmas season and only want the best for our loved ones. In order to ensure the Christmas magic is not lost, there are simple tips and tricks to counteract the hectic time.

Enjoy the anticipation

In order to fully enjoy Christmas before Christmas Eve, try to fully enjoy each day of preparation. Avoid working until the last moment and enjoy the little things that the pre-Christmas magic brings. So make the Christmas cookies before the 24th, enjoy the huge selection of Christmas decorations and get excited about wrapping presents and all the joy the Christmas season brings with it.

Set priorities

You should set priorities so that you don’t get lost in the Christmas hustle and bustle. Decide early on which festivals and traditions you really want to take part in and which ones you particularly enjoy. This will help you avoid unnecessary stress for things that take a lot of energy. Good time management and an individual list of priorities will help you to look forward to Christmas.

Delegate tasks

Christmas is the festival of charity and family. So why not divide the tasks ahead of time amongst yourselves? For example, the children can decorate the tree while you take care of the Christmas dinner and your partner gets the tree. The in-laws will bring the dessert and the division of tasks leaves more room to enjoy the festive season and the pre-Christmas period.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Getting the right gift at the last minute and at the same time organising the ingredients for the Christmas dinner can be quite stressful. So prepare early enough, take notes and think about what work can be prepared. Farmy, for example, offers a huge range of ingredients to help you prepare your menu. This will help you avoid the tiresome and exhausting task of lugging shopping bags around and you can concentrate on other Christmas things – because Farmy delivers to your door.

Homemade gifts

To minimise stressful shopping trips, homemade gifts are ideal. In addition, handicrafts with the children are especially fun and at the same time a joyful activity for the little ones. Homemade little things like cosmetics or homemade food come from the heart and are an extremely warm gesture for the recipient.

Wrap gifts early

Whether homemade or purchased, gifts can be prepared perfectly. Wrap your presents a few days before Christmas Eve and minimise the stress of last minute wrapping. If you are looking for a more sustainable packaging method than coloured wrapping paper, newspaper is a good choice.

It doesn’t need to be a Christmas goose

In order to avoid stress and hectic Christmas Day, we advise you to try something new. How about a simple Christmas menu that does not require days of preparation? A creamy risotto with truffles or a fine fondue are also delicious and will help you to fully enjoy Christmas Eve. In our assortment, you will always find new inspirations and the ingredients are of the highest quality.

The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Snow-white landscapes, beautifully decorated houses and delicious smells permeate both house and yard. It is all the more important to fully enjoy the little things of this romantic season and to appreciate their importance. Sometimes it is worth preparing and becoming aware of something in order to enjoy the Christmas season without stress. In this spirit we wish you a contemplative and stress-free Christmas time!

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