How to clean the fridge and oven with natural products

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The kitchen is a place that requires a lot of maintenance. Obviously, you cook and eat, share and enjoy the food in it. Cooking good food without making a mess is not easy and cleaning the worktop is not difficult. On the other hand, cleaning the inside of your fridge or oven is just as important but not necessarily easy! You store what you want to keep in the fridge, so you might as well do it in a clean place. And in the oven, you cook a thousand and one dishes of different flavours, so cleaning it is essential. And what if we did it in a natural way?

Cleaning your kitchen with natural products can be beneficial for our wallet, but also for our health. Not only are unnatural cleaning products not good for the planet nor for us, but they can also pollute our indoor air. Some cleaning products can even be toxic if not rinsed properly.

Cleaning the fridge

Start by emptying your fridge completely. In a salad bowl, fill half of the bowl with white vinegar and top up with lukewarm water. Using a sponge, clean all the compartments of your fridge, starting with the top. Don’t forget the joints between the doors! Wipe with a clean, dry cloth and voilà: your fridge is as good as new.

To prevent unpleasant smells in your fridge, make sure you store your food in airtight jars or sealed tupperware. They will keep better and the smell will not be released into the fridge. Then, if there is still a smell, pour baking soda into a cup and place it in your fridge. The baking soda absorbs odours. You can change the contents of the cup once a month. You can also put half a lemon in the fridge door to freshen it up.

Cleaning the oven

In a salad bowl, mix baking soda with water until you obtain a paste. This mixture is a natural degreaser. Apply it to all greasy surfaces of your oven and leave it on overnight. The next day, rub the surfaces with a sponge and rinse the mixture. Effectiveness guaranteed!

To remove any smells that may remain in your oven, squeeze the juice of 2 lemons in a saucepan. Place the pan in your oven and heat the appliance for 30 minutes at 250 °C. Once this time has elapsed, remove the pan and clean the sides of your oven with a cloth.

That’s all you need to keep two key elements of your kitchen perfectly clean and without any risks to your health!

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