Donut: the new way

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We all love “doughnuts”. Even those who say ‘no, way’ right now still crave them sometimes. We bet. Glazed, doughy, sweet, soft and pliable, round inflated lifesaver! It’s not a coincidence these two look the same. If donuts don’t save us from the ordinarity of the day, then what does? Peas?

Anyways, even if we swear on them, we have to realise that overdosing oneself with sugar is an unhealthy diet which can cause some issues. An apple a day, remember? Not a donut a day! But when you really crave sweets, why not succumb to your desire. But we brought a really great recipe idea – sweet and savory grilled cheese doughnut! Before you run away, remember all those celebrity chefs out there who constantly explain and promote the concept of rounding up the savory dishes with something sweet and vise versa. This recipe does exactly fall into this pool of notions. You take a donut dosed with sugar, slice it in half and butter both insides. Then you take your favorite pan out, put it on medium-high heat and throw the donut, buttered side down, in it. The sugar caramelizes, it gets crunchy.

Now for the cheese. Even if you don’t believe in this idea, trust us on this one. Stop being confused. Sweet and salty work perfectly together. Think of melon and prosciutto, grapes and goat cheese, caviar and white chocolate and even cheesecake! How great is this one. We hope you’re with us now.

So back to business. Put your donut’s halves in the pan, grab some cheese and lay it on the unbuttered side of one half and top it with the unbuttered side of the other half. Cook everything until golden brown on one side. It can take up to 2-3 minutes. Then flip the sandwich on the other side and finish cooking. The cheese will have to be melted by that time. And you’ll be munching on a regular grilled cheese donut. ‘What about ham?’ you might be thinking. Well, yes, nothing should stop you from recreating your favorite grilled cheese recipe. It’s only bread that we replaced after all. All other ingredients will, hopefully, work as before. Don’t forget to top it with some maple syrup. It’s your day.

Did someone say burger donuts?

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