Going nuts about nuts

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We’ve all gone through the harsh times of baking and even harsher times of roasting nuts for the baked goods. It feels simple but too often it turns out not so good. The reason for the ruined nuts is high temperature and little time that we have before nuts go from golden to burned. It’s a tricky matter when at first you see that nothing happens and then within a couple of seconds, you are going nuts. Because your nuts are overdone. We also all read funny comments on the internet like “I’ve tossed almonds in a barely warm skillet only to walk away and somehow COMPLETELY FORGET that I’m trying to roast something”. Oops, it’s not a good idea to leave the kitchen when you cooking!

We’ve always roasted almonds and pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts, depending on the batch size, either in a skillet, if only a few of them needed, or in the oven for a larger nutty party. Both methods require a watchful eye and constant stirring to avoid burning. That can be intimidating and frustrating. But that’s not going to happen on your watch again. Because there’s a better option: roasting nuts in the microwave.

It heats quickly, warming the oil inside the nuts more efficiently and evenly from all directions. All you need to do is just take out your favourite microwave-safe plate (we all should have one), spread some nuts in a single layer on it and toast them in one-minute intervals checking their doneness and stirring if needed. The results are nicely roasted and flavourful golden nutlets. But we should warn you that they won’t get as brown as might expected, because in the case of microwaving nuts are not in contact with any heated element. But nonetheless it’s a far more convenient way to cooking nuts without ruining them and your day.

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