Good (and realistic) New Year’s Resolutions

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Just in time for the turn of the year, many people start making plans for the coming one. Whether it’s finally quitting smoking, reducing weight or being more courageous in everyday life — the resolutions are as different and individual as their creators. But how do you keep your resolutions?

It’s always when the new year is just around the corner that we like to review the previous year. We look back on both positive and negative events and plan to optimise the new year. Personal resolutions play an essential role and spur us on to make changes.

It is important to decide on the planned project realistically and to pay attention to certain things in order to implement them.

Formulate your Project Positively

It is important to formulate your resolution positively. This means that you should not renounce the motto of your resolution, but emphasise the positive aspects of the change. Be aware of the disadvantages, but imagine the future positively. This motivates you to want to reach your goal in the long run. For example, if you decide to quit smoking, calculate how much money you can save, how much more time you have per day for other things instead of smoking breaks or how your stamina will increase. This personal goal-oriented motivation makes it easier to stick to.

Be Realistic

When choosing your resolutions, you should always remain realistic. It is worthwhile to set personal goals that can actually be achieved. Doing this will allow you to not feel overwhelmed right from the start and you stick to your goals.

Reward Yourself Regularly

If you have set yourself realistic goals, you should be happy about small steps on a regular basis. This also means that you reward yourself accordingly. For example, if you plan to be more active, take occasional breaks and do something good for yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, a manicure and reward yourself. However, make sure the rewards are proportionate. A bar of chocolate after exercise is probably not a suitable reward 😉

Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew

People tend to overdo it. Often we take on too much at once and unconsciously put ourselves under even more pressure. In order to avoid this when making your resolutions, you should focus on no more than two or three goals before you tackle the next one.

Record Your Success and Failures in a Diary

In order to stick to your resolutions, keeping a diary is the key to success. Write down your feelings during this time and record all your highs and lows. This way you can leaf through the book during a low phase and recall the positive days. It will help you motivate yourself again and not lose sight of your goals. Keeping track of your personal development and the diary prevents you from giving up everything right away.

Plan Achievable, Intermediate Goals

If you have a very big goal, you should divide it into small stages. This will make it much easier for you to celebrate the small successes and continue to pursue the main goal. Smaller, achievable goals will give you the support you need to keep going and will help you keep your resolutions in the long run. Success influences your satisfaction, which is the foundation for achieving your goals.

Setback — Don’t Give Up Immediately

Relapses happen and are small slips of humanity. In these situations, look into your diary and realise what you have already achieved. Be aware from the beginning that there will be setbacks and consider them as part of your project.

Moral Support

It is important to communicate with your fellow human beings during your successes and setbacks. This encourages you to hold on to your resolution. As you exchange with like-minded people, you also gain support and can regain energy. When you are ready to share your goals with others, you automatically approach them more seriously than if you keep them to yourself.

Now we wish you the best of luck for the New Year and your resolutions! Never lose sight of the fact that it is never too late for change and good resolutions.

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