How To Become An Oat Fan

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Chances are you are not a big fan of oats. Why? Because oats by themselves rule nothing, they are bland and starchy, but what a treasure chest they really are in the right hands! Here we are going to share some really brilliant ideas, and they are brilliant in their simplicity. Oats can be delicious, and if you’ve ever doubted it, it’s time to learn for yourself.

Let’s go beyond oatmeal! And if we step aside from ‘wet’ cooking (say, porridge with water or milk), we’ve got to step into ‘dry’ territory. And hence – granola. It’s a super easy recipe made virtually with no cooking at all. Just mix your oats with some seeds, nuts or grains with dried fruit and honey (or golden syrup, agave syrup and whatnot) and bake everything until golden and crisp. Once you’ve got yourself granola you can incorporate it anywhere from morning porridge or Greek yogurt to fruit salad or Buddha bowl.

You surely heard about overnight oats, didn’t you? Some call it lazy oats and they are quite right. But hard working people should make a note of this recipe too. Because it’s versatile and, really, very multi-faceted. First things first, you’ve got to soak your oats overnight. Next morning (basically you don’t have to wait that long, it’s just a convenient way) you can go in two directions. One way is to simply mix oats with any kind of warm milk you like and add some random toppings: from chopped strawberry or banana to granola (hello, there!) or nuts and shaved coconut.

Another way is to mix your soaked oats together with some milk and a fruit. Mango will do just fine. Toss everything in a blender and work until smooth. What you’ll get is a creamy texture resembling thick yogurt. Top it with berries and nuts. And, yes, peanut butter and jelly. You won’t shed kilograms with this diet, but boy does it taste good!

Another good and easy strategy is to incorporate some oats directly into a smoothie. Go ahead and add a few tablespoons to nearly any sweet or savory smoothie to obtain a nice creamy body (well, that might sound confusing!) to your drink. Don’t know where to start? Try out a classic banana-strawberry smoothie. Blend it with your milk of choice, add some sugar and a pinch of salt to emphasize the flavor. And yes oats!

Want some more ideas? Try toasting some oats until they take on a nice brownish hue, then drizzle them with vanilla extract (you’d want to mix it with cinnamon beforehand). When you are a happy owner of this prep you can blitz it into powder and work into a beautiful crust, that is, the foundation of all pies.

Want to skip the sweet stuff? Try Mexican oatmeal bowl. It’s made in no time. Heat some oil, add garlic and 1 cup oats, taco seasoning, lime/lemon juice, 2 cups water and salt. Bring mixture to a boil and simmer until oats are fully cooked. Top it with jalapenos, avocado, grated cheese, corn, and salsa. Dig in!

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