How to cut a mango?

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While this may seem like a really easy question to answer, some people would be absolutely appalled by the view of the exotic fruit itself. Because you never know what is inside. If you already know what’s hiding underneath the juicy flesh of mango, scroll down to get the recipe for a classic Vietnamese mango shake.

And those of you who’ve never peeled a mango before, behold the text about cutting it.

Peel it!

Basically, the first thing to do when you get hold of any mango (right after you’ve rinsed the fruit, of course), is to recognise that the fruit is a bit flattened. Just grab that idea. Then turn your mango so that its ‘longitudinal rib’ looks at you (this goes in quotes because there is no real rib per se, but you’ll definitely find the facet we’re talking here).

The seed inside your mango repeats the lines of the fruit, i.e. it’s flattened and wide. So it should be sliced around – that’s why you’d better understand the rib concept. But even if you’re lost, it’s not a big deal, just cut the mango with a sharp knife carefully, as you would do any other stone fruit, from one side and then from the other. First above the stone, afterwards turn the mango and repeat.

You’ll now have three parts: two seedless ones (the sections you cut above and underneath the stone) and one with a stone inside. Now take two ‘good’ parts and score them, i.e. slice without breaking the skin, in two different directions. Then take a spoon and scoop everything out. Ta-dam: there you you have nice mango dices (approximately 1 cup).


And now for the mango shake, which is also called mango lassi. Take 2 ripe mangos, 60 g / ¼ cup of yogurt, 100 g / ½ cup of milk and put everything in a blender together with 1 cup of ice and 2 or more tablespoons of condensed milk. Blend everything on high speed until you have a smooth consistency. Close your eyes and enjoy!

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