How To Make Gummy Bears Great Again?

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We all know these chewy colorful animals made of gelatin, don’t we? It’s like time stopped 100 years ago and we too, still loving the same old candy – Gummibär. But even if our attitude towards gummy bears hasn’t changed a bit, they themselves changed for sure. As can be seen from the name, gummy bears were originally made out of gum arabic. It’s a natural sap that is collected from acacia trees in its hardened state – gum.

But one man, namely Hans Riegel of Bonn, decided to introduce gelatin-based dancing bears. We know him as the founder of Haribo. Of course, he owes his success not to the gelatin, but to the fact that he was the inventor of the Dancing Bear (Tanzbär), that people just happened to fall in love with.

His success opened doors to other inventors of gummy candies that looked like animals and random objects. But time passed and nobody, except for a rare aficionado, is excited by a new form or taste of candies (‘A gummy spaceship with a sushi flavor? Not interested at all’). We have to revive the former glory of a gummy bear and celebrate it anew. This time a grown-up way. With alcohol.

Yeah, you read that right. Get a bag of your favorite gummies (they don’t have to be bears, worms and Smurfs will do just fine) and pour them into some vessel. Then decide what pairs them best – tequila, rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, martini. You can go in any direction. Just cover candies with booze and let them sit in for a couple of hours on the countertop to get’em all soaked, swelly and squishy. If you want, you can easily put them in the fridge for a day or so. But check them, every now and then, before they get oozy. Once ready, they will be really strong. Maybe not as strong as a vodka shot, but beware, three-five of these and you’re tipsy. Also, don’t mistake them for the ones intended for a kids birthday party you’re throwing in a junior school.

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