Keeping children healthy in wet conditions: tips & tricks

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Rainy days open up a source of joy and discovery for children as they jump through puddles in wellies and get enchanted by the raindrops. But wet and rainy days are also often a challenge, especially when it comes to keeping children healthy. Wetness and humidity can affect the immune system and lead to colds, flu or other health problems.

From weather-appropriate clothing to creative activities and fun rain games: discover practical advice in this article to make rainy days a memorable time for your kids without losing sight of their health.

Suitable clothing in wet weather

The first step to keeping children healthy in wet conditions is to dress them properly. It is worth investing in quality rainwear such as mackintoshes, waterproof trousers and wellies. A waterproof jacket with a hood, for example, will keep the upper body dry, while wellies will protect the feet from wetness and mud. My tip: make sure the clothes are breathable to counteract sweating.

Protection from hypothermia

Wet clothes can quickly lead to hypothermia. Keep an eye on children to make sure they are always warmly dressed, especially in cold and wet weather. Several layers of clothing are often better than one thick jacket, as they protect better against moisture and can be adapted to changing temperatures.

Dry change of clothes

Another tried and tested tip for wet and rainy weather is to make sure you always have a dry change of clothes with you. When children are running through rain or puddles, it is important to change them immediately to prevent them from catching a cold. An extra pair of socks and gloves is also helpful to prevent cold extremities.

Balanced diet and vitamins

A balanced diet is crucial to strengthen your children’s immune system. It is therefore even more important to always provide enough fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Especially with little ones, you should pay even more attention to a well-balanced diet so that the immune system has sufficient defences even when it is wet outside.

Stay hydrated

Even in wet weather, children should drink enough fluids. Water helps regulate body temperature and flush out toxins. So always keep a water bottle handy to make sure your little ones drink enough.

Fun in the rain

Rain and wetness don’t always have to be seen as a nuisance. Encourage your children to see rain as an opportunity to play and explore. Jumping in puddles and catching raindrops is a fascinating experience for young and old alike and instils a positive attitude towards the weather.

Dancing in the rain

A fun way to keep children healthy when it’s wet is to dance together in the rain. Instead of looking at the rain as an obstacle, make it a fun experience. Dress yourself and your children in appropriate rain gear while doing this. Spin in circles, jump over puddles and let your children catch the raindrops.

Such an activity is not only fun, but also provides exercise and fresh air. It also strengthens the bond between you and your children. Remember that the motto here is “the wetter the better!”. As long as the clothes are weather-appropriate, there is nothing to stop you dancing in the rain. After all, fun and laughter are the best medicine to improve your children’s mood and health even on rainy days.

So go ahead, make the most of the next rain and turn it into a special experience with your loved ones.

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