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The Gnädinger Bakery has a long tradition and has been at home in the light blue “round corner” in the heart of Zurich on Schaffhauserplatz since 1942. Now in its third generation, the family business is run with great dedication and its products are winning over its many customers. The seasonal and local range offers a wide selection and daily freshness. Around 60 employees now work in the company and pursue the tangible passion of the bakery business.

Please introduce your company in three sentence

We bake sweet and salty with joy and passion. We cook from scratch with joy and passion. We sell these joyfully and passionately created baked goods and are delighted when it tastes good!

What is special about your products and their production?

All our products are handmade on site by trained professionals.

Are your products certified? If so, which certifications do they have?

Wherever possible, we use IP Suisse products and also try to produce as seasonally as possible.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

We use different channels. These include our shop, our café, the bistro for our vegan products and, of course Farmy.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

I am mostly at the front, in the Gnä and in Sprössling. I’m alway where the fire is and solve any problems, such as heating failure, defective radiators, disagreements within the team and much more.

Have daily processes, routines or even sales channels changed due to the Corona crisis?

Yes very much! It was much more cosy and quiet without the restaurant and Sprössling.

What changes has the crisis brought for your company?

Less turnover, but more peace and quiet and time to think and to tackle change.

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