What is the best food for my pet?

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The topic of pet food is extensive and often controversial. The various ingredients, the price and the type of food are the subject of much discussion. In this article you will learn more about healthy pet food, how to identify such food and its sustainability.

Healthy pet food: why it’ so important

“You are what you eat.” This saying applies to both humans and their beloved pets. It is well known that nutrition is extremely important and has a great influence on well-being and health.

If humans eat a one-sided and unbalanced diet, this nutritional intake soon becomes noticeable: allergies, overweight, diarrhoea or other problems can noticeably increase as a result.

Bad and unhealthy pet food is also often the cause of such effects and causes dangerous problems for the beloved pet as well.

Healthy pet food: what it comes down to

As a result, it is good to know how to distinguish healthy pet food from bad products. Healthy pet food ensures animal-friendly nutrition and can usually be recognised by the list of ingredients. Good ingredients are the be-all and end-all.

But it is not always easy to recognise the beneficial ingredients in pet food. This is because manufacturers take great pains to describe the “bad” ones as appealingly as possible, so that no attention is paid to them.

In order to identify good pet food, attention to the wording is particularly important. For example, precise descriptions such as muscle meat, heart or lungs provide better information about the list of ingredients than the umbrella term “meat”. Trustworthy pet food producers also always list the ingredients in great detail, so that it is easy for pet owners to identify the ingredients.

Identifying healthy pet food

Some ingredients are particularly beneficial to the health of pets and provide additional support for a healthy diet. Muscle meat, for example, is a high-quality source of protein and ensures optimised nutrient intake. Offal, such as liver, are also excellent sources of protein.

Furthermore, a gentle production process is important to preserve the valuable ingredients. As with humans, artificial additives, colourings or preservatives reduce the quality of the food.

Consequently, healthy pet food can be recognised on the basis of a few key points. In the first step, it is often enough to take a thorough look at the list of ingredients.

Is there sustainable pet food?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in everyday life. This is why sustainability has also increased with regard to pets, and many pet owners make sure to buy pet food that is as sustainable as possible.

It is certainly possible to purchase sustainable pet food. There are now more and more pet food producers who attach great importance to a sustainable production process and are passionate about it. Essential indicators here are, for example, certified free-range meat, vegetables from regional cultivation and the associated short transport routes.

Regardless of what type of pet food you choose: the ingredients play a significant role in your choice. Thus, the ingredient list of a product has a lasting impact on the health and well-being of your pet.

At Farmy, you’ll find a growing selection of regional pet food producers who can positively influence your pet’s well-being. So get inspired and start promoting your pet’s health today.

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