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Somehow these 5 (terrible) Christmas traditions that annoy us a little bit each evening as we sit in front of the Christmas tree are still a part of the Christmas season. What do they necessarily add to the Advent season?


The round yeast dough cake is dreaded. While some people say they don’t like the candied fruit and others use the excuse that they already have a full stomach, there’s probably a panettone around the house somewhere. The classic souvenir that is never cut into. At any rate: if you are hungry and there is nothing in the house, you are bound to be happy and hope that it is one with sugar sprinkles.

Photo via Flickr from user N i c o l a under CC BY 2.0

Christmas Decorations: Lucy and Co.

It blinks and dazzles. If Lucy’s street lighting is already a giant thing and is being exploited by the media … what will it look like at home?

Film Classics like Cinderella, Sissi and Kevin

Cheesy scenarios, costumes and happy endings — Christmas is a time for sappy movies. Little Kevin has been grown up for a long time, but is shown every year in a permanent loop. You think to yourself “Here we go again…” and then you watch all three Sissi films and Love Actually to top it all off.

Last Christmas on Repeat 

Last Christmas, All I Want for Christmas is You, Jingle Bell Rock and many more — in the shops and on the radio with evergreens all over the place. The good mood is almost ready to head for the hills. But let’s be honest: Despacito in winter somehow does not seem appropriate. In creative families, people like to sing too. All gathered around the piano in their reindeer jumpers singing “Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling” together. Though in reality it unfortunately looks or sounds more like a loud cacophony, — it certainly makes for some laughs and a good atmosphere.

Welcome back, Spanischi Nüssli!

The return of Santa’s sack also marks the comeback of the Nüssli. They are everywhere as decoration and finger food. Although they are delicious and its nice to have something to snack on, the nut shells can be found all over the place. Usually accompanied by a fresh tangerine-y fragrance that is constantly in the air. All that’s missing is a glass of steaming mulled wine in your hand.

Cover Photo via Flickr von User Kevin Dooley under CC BY 2.0

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