A one-of-a-kind Easter

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Easter goes hand-in-hand with spring, good weather and, of course, our desire to enjoy it. This year as well, we want to do our best to ensure this holiday truly symbolises renewal and new life. So we have put together interesting content for you – both culinary and entertaining. We hope that it warms your heart!

The background of Easter eggs

Easter eggs are probably the most symbolic elements of this holiday, but do you really know their origin? In many cultures around the world, the egg represents the beginnings of new life, as does Easter. Traditionally, real farm eggs were cooked and decorated for the poorest folk, whilst the rich had golden eggs.

Today, in Switzerland, the Easter bunny brings eggs to the children (originally it was the cuckoo). Legend holds that an old lady, too poor to buy some sweets for her children, decided to paint farm eggs and hide them so they could have fun looking for them. At the beginning of their search, the children noticed a bunny and thought he brought the eggs. The bunny will always feature in the myth that makes children happy!

Did you know?

Back in the day, it was prohibited to eat eggs during Lent. As a consequence, people cooked eggs to preserve them for later consumption. In order to distinguish them from the fresh eggs, they coloured them during the cooking process by adding aromatic herbs.

An interactive Easter

There are many recipes related to Easter. Some people celebrate this holiday with a generous lunch, while others prefer a good brunch. What follows are links to delicious recipes you can fix with your whole family and create the perfect atmosphere.

After Easter, we always find ourselves with a surplus of chocolate and we don’t always know what to do with it! Here are a few ideas for some fabulous treats!

Activities for kids and grownups

Bring colour into your house with these attractive drawings for printing! → link drawings

Are you feeling creative? Here’s a (non-comprehensive) list of activities you can try to delight the whole family!

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