Berliner, you sweet sin

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The delicious, fist-sized yeast dough balls with the sweet filling are known by many names. We know them here as Berliners, but they are also called doughnuts or pancakes. Fried pastries are to carnival season what Guetzli are to winter and Christmas. In Switzerland, we also have Fasnachtsküechli and Schenkeli, but this article is entirely dedicated to the delicious Berliner.

Vanille Berliner Puderzucker

A Berliner consists of a sweet yeast dough, which is fried in hot oil and then filled with a piping bag. The classic filling is raspberry jam, but chocolate and vanilla cream are also quite popular. To finish, the pastry is sprinkled with powdered sugar or glazed with icing sugar. At you can choose between two flavours: raspberry or vanilla — we have tried both and our favourite is the vanilla Berliner, because of its creamy filling!

Berliner mit Vanille und Himbeeren

Carnival is an incredibly colourful event. People roam the streets dressed in beautifully handmade costumes, some funny, some scary! Confetti in their hair, decorated floats, lots of noise, plenty of sweets and wide-eyed children taking it all in. We look forward to this traditional festival every year, because it means we are able to enjoy this irresistibly delicious pastry. In addition, the Basel Fasnacht is one of the most famous carnivals in Switzerland. Because of its uniqueness and quality, it is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When all the lights go out at 4 a.m., the so-called “Morgenstraich” marks the beginning of the carnival. Have you ever been?

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