Citrus Fire

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Next time you get near a lighter and a citrus fruit, remember that you could build a flamethrower out of these two things. Though a very safe and awry one.

The fact is that the citrus peel contains essential oil and its major component is limonene – a colorless yet flammable liquid that ignites at 50°C / 122°F. What’s more, limonene is used in food manufacturing as a flavoring agent to mask an undesirable bitter taste, for instance.

That’s because it’s sooo sweet, figuratively speaking, in terms of making the show happen. So oranges ignite the best though every other citrus peel can do the trick. It can be cast upon any drink that needs drawn attention from bypassing guests.

Flaming citrus isn’t something new, but it’s not an ancient story either. So chances are you’ll get an occasional ‘wow’ from a friend. Here’s what you do. Take an orange, a peeler and a lighter (or matches if you like it the old-fashioned way). Cut a small section off the peel, a round piece with some pith, big enough to get a good hold of.

Light a match or a lighter and hold it a few cm/inches above your drink. Take the peel with your thumb and your index finger and squeeze it in the direction of the flame. You’ll see some flickering flashes and sparks.

This technique is usually carried out by bartenders, the spectacular ritual that easily can be done at your own house. But please make sure that there are no furry pets and toys on the counter when you gonna squirt citrus oil through the fire. Fire safety is not a joke.

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