Creative ways to sneak vegetables into your child’s diet

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Parents are often faced with children who don’t want to eat vegetables. Fortunately, there are clever ways you can sneak vegetables into your child’s diet without them realising it. In this article, we will show you several creative methods that are both fun and time-saving.

1. Creative presentation

An interesting way to sneak vegetables into children’s diets is to present the vegetables in an imaginative way. By cutting the vegetables into animal shapes, for example, or turning them into fun arrangements such as vegetable cube towers or tree shapes, the children’s interest will be piqued.

When time is of the essence: arrange vegetable sticks into animal shapes such as butterflies or dinosaurs to surprise your little ones. These appealing presentations make eating vegetables a fun experience.

2. Vegetables on skewers

Another imaginative solution for integrating vegetables into children’s diets is to use colourful vegetable skewers. Simply stick different types of vegetables such as peperoni, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots on wooden skewers. These can be served either as snacks or as a side dish with main courses.

For an extra flavour boost: serve the skewers with a yoghurt dip or a healthy sauce.

My tip: let the children put the vegetable skewers together themselves. This is fun and stimulates interest in vegetables.

3. Hidden vegetables in cakes

A surprising but effective way to incorporate vegetables into children’s diets is to hide them in cakes. For example, you can mix finely grated carrots or courgettes into a chocolate cake to add moisture and nutrients. The vegetables are barely recognisable in the finished cake. Spinach or pumpkin puree are also ideal for muffins or brownies. These sweet treats tantalise children’s taste buds while they benefit from the hidden vegetable ingredients.

4. Integrate vegetables into their favourite dish

A particularly quick way to “sneak” vegetables into children’s meals is to use vegetables in their favourite dishes. One example of a quick and easy idea is vegetable pizza pockets. Not only is the dish delicious and fun for children, it is also easy to prepare and the vegetables are hidden by the delicious pizza sauce and cheese, making it less obvious to children. You can also vary the vegetables depending on your child’s preferences. Simply add pepperoni, onions, broccoli or a vegetable of your choice to the pizza bag and let the love for pizza work its magic 😉


Integrating vegetables into children’s diets can be a challenge. However, creative approaches such as presenting vegetables in animal shapes will pique children’s interest. It is worth trying these methods and seeing how children enjoy the vegetables without resistance and benefit from their health benefits.

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