How to Cope with Kale?

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Infatuation with kale has started to subside. But it doesn’t mean that we ceased to love this hardy, sturdy, robust leafy green. It’s everyone’s top contender for vegan cooking but can be rather chewy and dense if treated inappropriately. When popped into a stew, a soup or a braise it poses no problem. That’s because heat and time do their job in softening the cell walls – the number one thing needed and wanted for safe kale consumption. Nobody wants to gnaw through a tough kale salad.

But what would a cold dish eater do? Of course, you could chop the green and add it in the form of shredded salad straight to your breakfast plate. There is a more elegant way to make kale succumb, however. But meanwhile, a little digression.

Have you ever noticed dark green spots on your salad when it’s mixed with vinaigrette? Most people would think that it’s the ramifications of the acid application. However, acid (that is mostly water) does no harm, it was oil all along. And one should use its powers to speed up the process of making kale more palatable.

Toss it with some olive oil and let it sit like this for an hour straight. Oil will cling to the surface of the green, penetrate its insides and damage it. In all the good ways possible. You could then add some lemon or lime juice, wine or apple cider vinegar straight to your leaves, mix everything up and use this wilted kale in any combination you like: from Ceaser salad to quick side with mushrooms and salmon.

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