How to Save Overcooked Meat?

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Sometimes you could easily get distracted by a lively chat with your neighbor while spit-roasting a leg of lamb over the open fire or get carried away while your chicken is sizzling in a pan. The result: meat is overcooked. You are certainly not the first (unfortunately, not the last either) who faced this mishap, so humanity has a card or two up the sleeve. And all of them are wild.

Here are some suggestions:

Shred meat into strands and toss into some juicy and flavorful sauce. Pretend you were cooking pulled version all along. The sauce will add richness to the meat and make it moist again.

Mayonnaise together with some salt, pepper and your other favorite spices (turmeric, sage, paprika and whatnot) may also be a great deal. Cover shredded lamb, chicken or beef, for instance, with all the ingredients and mix it all up. Then toast some bread (try not to burn this one, hah) and spread the spiced mayo meat on top. Garnish with sliced juicy tomatoes and now we are talking!

Dice some meat and mix with caramelized onions, garlic and cumin to fry pancakes. Yes, it means you’ll have to make the batter beforehand. But it’s a good gamble.

Mince your meat as you wish and add it into pasta sauce. Tomato or cream. It doesn’t matter.

Cut it and add to a stir-fry. To make it, fry some seasonal veggies in Oil of your choice. Peppers, peas, carrots, onions, eggplant, papaya. Everything goes in.

Chop your meat by hand really nice or toss it in a food processor with some fat and spices. You’ll get a paste that can surely can be presented as a pâté, rilletes or a sandwich spread.

Simmer overcooked meat into a stew or soup. Yes, you probably wanted a nice steak at the beginning, but sometimes your meat decides for you. And if we are talking some borscht or beef goulash – that may not be the worst option.

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