Make your own beautiful Christmas cards

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Christmas is just around the corner and so is gift-giving, sending wishes and spreading love. Christmas wishes are as much a part of Christmas as delicious cookies and are part of the celebration of love. So that you can send your wishes on especially creative cards this year, we show you how to easily make beautiful Christmas cards yourself.

Christmas cards with fabric stars

Christmas tree card with adhesive tape

Christmas card with biscuits

Christmas cards with fabric stars

These kinds of cards are not very elaborate and don’t need much material. A piece of A5 paper, scissors, pencil, glue stick and a scrap of fabric of your choice.

First, draw one or two stars on the fabric with the pencil and cut them out. You can also use a template for this. A cookie-cutter in the shape of a star is perfect for this. Then stick the stars onto the paper and write a nice Christmas message on them. Now all you need is a personal Christmas greeting on the back and your homemade fabric Christmas card is ready!

Christmas tree card with adhesive tape

Adhesive strips are available in different colours and with different motifs. Choose a roll and use it to make a homemade Christmas card. All you need is paper, strips, scissors and a glitter star sticker. Choose a suitable size for your card.

Now stick the first strip of glue across the middle of the paper. Stick another, slightly shorter strip directly over it and continue until you have a fir tree. Finally, put the star on top of the tree. Voilà, your Christmas tree card is ready.

Christmas card with biscuits

How about an edible Christmas card for your loved ones? Chräbeli are particularly suitable for this. The somewhat harder biscuits with aniseed flavour are robust and tasty at the same time and therefore ideal for a homemade Christmas card. You will need paper, coloured yarn, scissors, a needle and a pen.

Use the pen to write Merry Christmas on the front and write your personal Christmas greetings on the back. Now take the yarn, wrap it around the end of the Chräbeli and poke the needle through the paper. Knot the yarn on the back so that the Chräbeli hang like Christmas ornaments on the front. Simple and delicious all in one.

There are many ways to make your own Christmas cards. Let your imagination run wild and surprise your family and friends!

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