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Choba Choba is the very first Swiss chocolate brand that belongs to the cocoa farmers. Since the cocoa farmers in the Alto Huayabamba Valley in Peru could not live on the low cocoa prices, this unique project was created. Experts Eric and Christoph, from the sustainable chocolate industry, put all their passion into their project and founded Choba Choba. Today, in collaboration with the best Swiss chocolatier, a pure premium chocolate is processed and sold directly to Swiss customers.

Please introduce your company in three sentences

Our Grand Cru chocolates offer a unique taste experience, because we use only three ingredients for our basic couvertures: our fine cocoa, cocoa butter and raw cane sugar. We produce our fine cocoa on our farms in the Alto Huayabamba Valley in Peru and our farmers are co-founders and co-owners of Choba Choba.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

This question is not easy to answer, because no working day is the same for any of our employees. Of course, we have the working day of our farmers, who take care of the cultivation of the cocoa in the Agroforest, harvesting, drying and the fermentation of the cocoa beans until they are shipped to Switzerland. In our Swiss office it is a mix of marketing, sales and distribution as well as production. We could describe very different forms of a normal working day, which are exciting. All in all, every person contributes to the enjoyment of our chocolate every day.

What is special about your products and their production?

Our chocolates are a combination of Swiss chocolate tradition and fine cocoa beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley in Peru. All our basic couvertures are produced by one of the best Swiss chocolatiers and we use only our cocoa beans, cocoa butter and raw cane sugar. Three ingredients. That’s all it takes to experience and enjoy the pure taste of chocolate and the various cocoa aromas. With every piece of our chocolate we generate real impact in Peru, because our farmers are co-founders and co-owners of Choba Choba. They produce our fine cocoa in the Agroforest and ensure the excellent quality that you can taste in all our chocolates.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

Our chocolates are sold in small local shops in Switzerland, in speciality shops, fair trade shops and online trading. We have our own shop and partnerships in online trade, such as with Farmy.

Why did you decide to work with Farmy?

Due to Farmy’s unique philosophy

What changes has the crisis brought about for your company?

Unfortunately, smaller retail shops in Switzerland had to close and could no longer offer our chocolates. The online trade has grown and we are convinced that with the right partners like Farmy we have a chance to offer our chocolates more online to our fans in the future.

Have daily processes, routines or even sales channels changed due to the Corona crisis?

Due to the crisis, we are working primarily from home, especially in Switzerland. A lot of work is done online and by telephone. Luckily, very little has changed within our production in Peru, because the work on the farms, the drying centres and the fermentation can be adapted to the new conditions and it is easy to keep physical distance. Our sales channels during the crisis have mainly been online trading. We are looking forward to all the small shops in Switzerland now being able to open again.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for your support!

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