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The organic farm Hof Blum is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Zurich. The extraordinarily delicious products of the Blum family are widely known and very popular with their customers. So the farm complies with strict BioSuisse requirements, which they fulfil with passion and a lot of heart and soul. All living beings are respected and are part of the family business.

Please introduce your company in three sentences

The Blum farm is a small, versatile farm with fruit, vegetables and best of all, laying hens! We want to provide our customers with healthy and fresh products. Our farm is a hidden gem — those who have been here before know why.

Why did you decide to work with Farmy?

We have been partnered with Farmy since the very beginning and have been able to grow together.

What is special about your products and their production?

Our chickens graze in our orchards and contribute to plant protection.

Are your products certified? If so, by which certifications and why?

BioSuisse, of course.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

From the farm, various shops and hopefully soon we’ll return to the Friday market in Richterswil again.

How does a normal working day look for you?

On your marks, get set, go! Keep the ball flat and don’t forget to take breaks.

Have daily processes, routines or even sales channels changed due to the Corona crisis?

Yes, logistics have become more complicated. Unfortunately, there are only a few vegetables to harvest in the fields at the moment. April and May are the months of big planting & sowing.

What changes has the crisis brought about for your company?

The egg orders have grown significantly, our chickens are doing everything they can to keep up. The logistical effort has increased. But we are happy that we can continue to work and make our contribution to the supply of organic food.

Do you see any potential or opportunities arising from the crisis?

Reflecting on the essentials and taking more pleasure in the simple things.

Anything else you’d like to say?

A hen lays about 0.85 eggs a day. Therefore I ask for your patience if the desired quantity is not available. They will lay again tomorrow.

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