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Sprössling is a cosy café on Zurich’s Schauffhauserplatz. Customers can enjoy fine, vegan food and snacks made by hand. The founders also run the Gnädinger bakery, which follows a long family tradition. Due to the high demand for vegan products, the two bakery producers founded the café without a second thought and in doing so met the spirit of the times.

Please introduce your company in three sentences

We bake sweet and salty with joy and passion. We cook from scratch with joy and passion. We sell these baked goods that have been created out of joy with passion and are delighted when it tastes good!

If you can’t tell vegan from non-vegan, we are happy and satisfied. In order to make openness, sustainability and charity easier to live.

What is special about your products and their production?

The special thing about our production is that all products are handmade and vegan.

Are your products certified? If so, which certifications do they have?

Whenever possible, IP Suisse. Failing that, however, we will find a sensible compromise for organic, because few people can really afford it.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

We mainly use our Bistro and Farmy.

Have daily processes, routines or even sales channels changed due to the Corona crisis?

Until recently, Sprössling had been closed due to the Corona crisis. However, our customers were still able to purchase all products in our Gnädinger bakery during this time.

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