Roadtrip in the Val d’Anniviers #mymagicroadtrip

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Today I’m taking you to discover the Val d’Anniviers in Valais, as part of a roadtrip organised by Mazda Switzerland. The principle is simple: are you a nature lover? Do you like discovering new landscapes? And maybe you’re an adventurer at heart? Then you’ll love this Mazda adventure!

First of all, we picked up our car for the adventure in Lausanne, which is where it all began. The different stages of our route were all programmed by the GPS, so we were ready for adventure!

my magic road trip Mazda

Our first stop was at Saint-Luc, a radical change of scenery as we moved from the town to a completely unobstructed panoramic view of the entire valley. With the sun shining, the magic happened straight away. You’re instantly plunged into the heart of the experience.

Saint-Luc montagnes

On the road to Grimentz, we discover other landscapes, each as beautiful as the next.

Once we arrived in Grimentz, we took the opportunity to explore the heart of the village, which has a real charm all of its own. You feel like you’ve stepped back a few centuries to discover the village’s rustic charm of yesteryear. The houses are all beautiful, with their wooden and stone facades, and you’ll notice how well-maintained and full of flowers the village is.

Grimentz village

Winter and summer alike, this resort offers the chance to indulge in all your favourite sports, including skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and much more!

We hit the road again to reach our final destination of the day.

Lake Moiry

We skirt the valley’s last steep bends and come to a narrow tunnel that continues to climb. It’s impossible to see what’s on the other side.

Suddenly, the dazzling sun appears and as soon as you emerge from the tunnel, you find yourself face to face with Lac de Moiry.

A breathtaking sight.

Lac de Moiry

As we turn round, we can see the Cube Design in the distance, where we’ll be spending the night. The setting is just magical, the air is fresh and pure, and we’re a long way from our daily routine. It’s a moment to savour as we settle into the warmth of the Cube and discover our gourmet hamper prepared by Farmy.

petit déjeuner Farmy

A little later, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of chamois in the distance, and during the night, a shooting star.

Waking up the next morning in the heart of nature was enchanting, as we watched the day gently dawn and the tones of the landscape change from pastels to brighter shades.

petit déjeuner Farmy

On our second day of the expedition, we went as far as the foot of the Glacier de Moiry, which is well worth a visit.

Lac de Moiry

Then we gently retrace our steps, pausing a few times in new villages and even enjoying the spectacular view from the Pont de Niouc. Another radical change of scenery, and we appreciate the lush natural surroundings.

Notre voyage est bien plus que magique, il a été féerique et a marqué une pause hors du temps, que nous ne sommes pas prêt d’oublier !

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