Salmon On A Grill

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Of all fish in the sea (and on the market), salmon is probably the most beloved one, versatile and essential for home cooking. It’s fatty, handsome and tasteful – what more to demand from a fish. Speaking of which, we prefer to cook it by filleting it first and then searing on a pan or fry it. Taking into consideration that the summer is coming, we would like to suggest that you cook your salmon outside. Flaky and delicate, it’s still quite robust to endure everything you are gonna do with it.

Try to find skin-on fillets, because there’s practically nothing better on this Earth than a nicely seared and crunchy salmon skin. Perhaps, pork crackling could possibly outcompete the latter, but leave it for the next time. Skin will also work as a natural insulator. It will protect the fish from overcooking and still turn out to be crisp. No matter where you are gonna cook your fish – on a grill or in a pan – you want high heat and enough oil, either inside a skillet or on a grill rack. These two in combination will allow for fillets to get even heat transfer, a good crunch on one side and a nice sear on the other – where the actual meat is (which is fish for that matter).

But before you even start cooking, you want to make sure that your fillets are as dry as possible from both sides. Take a paper towel and soak any moisture. It won’t ruin your dish, but the drier the fish the faster it cooks. And that is your goal after all. It’s also suggested to apply some cooking oil on both sides of your fish. This will help from sticking. Then head to the grill – put all your fillets skin side down and wait. Perhaps, 80% of all cooking time fish can sit like this, undisturbed. If you don’t have enough patience and try to flip a fillet too early, it still can be stuck to the grill, and once you try it, there’s a good chance that the skin will tear. That’s not what we are looking for. So stay calm and wait 4-5 minutes before flipping the fish. Don’t rush, slightly lift one side, looking out for tearing. If it gives, then go ahead and turn every other piece. If you’re using any sauce, it’s time to apply it now.

Not sure what to choose? Opt for classic lemon garlic. To make it, just mix 2 Tbsp olive oil with 2 cloves minced garlic, some lemon zest and a little bit of chopped parsley. Season with salt and pepper. And drizzle on fillets while they are still on the grill. You know the drill!

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