The apple, the nation’s favourite

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The apple is the absolute leader in the fruit rankings of the Swiss. We eat about 15 kg of apples a year – no wonder with this wonderful, diverse selection of Swiss apples!

By far the most apples are produced in the canton of Thurgau, the so-called “Mostindien”. A total of about 140,000 tonnes of apples are harvested each year.

Apple trees characterise the Swiss landscape: the low-stem trees are mostly lined up in orchards and the high-stem trees are older trees whose apples are usually processed into cider.

Apfel, Früchte, Herbst

Our favourite: the Gravensteiner

We have chosen our favourite among the many Swiss apple varieties: the Gravensteiner.

This apple variety has been around for a very long time, since the 16th century. It convinces with its slightly sour taste and is very juicy and refreshing. We like it simply as a snack, but the Gravensteiner also tastes delicious in cakes or in desserts.

Unfortunately, this apple variety is only in season from August to October and cannot be stored. That’s why we enjoy a fresh, juicy apple almost every day – an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

What is your favourite apple variety? Let us know in the comments below.

Facts about the apple

The apple contains many vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fruit acids and fibre. It gives you energy for in-between meals and also quenches your thirst, making apples the perfect, healthy snack! Apples can be eaten raw, cooked, dried or as juice.

The apple is the only Swiss fruit that is available all year round thanks to storage. As apples still ripen at home, they can quickly turn brown and wrinkly. Therefore, apples should be stored in a cool place; they feel at home in the cellar or attic.

There are over 20,000 apple varieties worldwide. We are already impressed by the Swiss selection and quickly lose track of how many varieties there are in our country.

The Gala is the most popular apple in Switzerland and tastes sweet with firm flesh.

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