December a.k.a. get out your Advent calendar!

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While December is usually one of the coldest and gloomiest months of the year, it also has all the joy of the seasonal festivities. That is due to the Christian religion’s courtesy and the Western world’s clever marketing techniques.

Many of us are looking forward to decorating our Christmas trees and preparing turkeys stuffed and baked in time for the celebration. Others spend hours shopping and wrapping presents.

Celebrating the countdown

However, it would be a miss not to mention the unique “countdown” tradition, originating in 19th-century Europe. Starting four Sundays before 25 December, people would mark each passing day by either burning a candle or a stroke of paint over walls.

This tradition has been translated into what we now know as the “Advent calendar”. “Advent” means “coming” in Latin. And for ease, the “Advent” month starts on 1st December.

The much-loved Advent calendars

Advent calendars offer people a fun way to count the days before Christmas without smearing paint over walls. Instead, the ones who are fortunate enough to receive an Advent calendar have 24 days delighting themselves in opening little presents.

In earlier times, Advent calendars were made of wood and paper. The calendars would have doors, inviting us to open a door each day to reveal a treat.

Nowadays, Advent calendars are made from all sorts of materials and in various shapes. They are moreover filled with an even more extensive selection of goods.

There is always an Advent calendar to suit one’s likes as you choose a preferred theme. The range goes from tiny bottles of alcohol to beauty products, from jewellery pieces to artisan chocolates, or from a pretty picture or a bible verse to a famous Christmas tune.

Advent calendars come in all kinds of price ranges

The prices for the Advent calendars can vary from as little as a few francs to as much as thousands. This year, the most expensive Advent calendar in the UK is offered for the staggering price of GBP 28,575. A lucky owner of this wonder will be showered in diamonds and gold jewellery.

Needless to say, many enjoy making their own Advent calendars and filling each door or pocket with treats of their choice. Such Advent calendars can then be treasured and passed through generations.

And you can make things even more special. Fill your homemade Advent calendar with presents you made yourself! The most effortless filler can be cooked in no time, like gingerbread biscuits, brownies or shortbread, cut and decorated in various styles and shapes.

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