Grill types and their characteristics

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Summertime is barbecue time. At the latest when temperatures rise, the barbecue is unpacked again and the scent of delicious barbecue delicacies rises into the air. In this article, we reveal the different grill variants and their characteristics.

The different grill types

There are different ways to cook your favorite treats over the fire. In addition to the classical charcoal grill, a gas grill opens up numerous preparation options. On the other hand, an electric grill is particularly compact for its usage on the balcony.

Which grill is best for you depends not only on the number of your guests but also on the place of use. The most important characteristics of the most popular grills are explained below. In this way, you will be ready for the barbecue season.

Charcoal grill – the classic

As a classic among the grill variants, the charcoal grill clearly comes first. There thus exist numerous different grill models that let the delicious roasted aromas caress your nose. Even in our childhood, the classic campfire brings the first contact with grilling. It is the start of a future outdoor cooking experience.

Thus, you can already experience charcoal grilling with simple and few means. A few simple steps are enough to enjoy numerous grill delicacies.

Sausages being grilled on a coal grill

In general, charcoal grilling takes a little longer. This is because the charcoal needs sufficient temperature and must glow really intensely. The process takes some time, but the grilled food gets the typical taste and the unmistakable grill aroma.

Advantages of the charcoal grill

  • Easy to use
  • Only wood, charcoal and a lighter (possibly firelighters) are required
  • Aromatic grill aroma

Disadvantages of the charcoal grill

  • Takes a long time
  • Difficult heat regulation
  • Smoke development is possible

Our tips

The use of a charcoal grill is easy but requires a little patience. A certain sense for heat doesn’t hurt either.

This is how you can have delicious food and fun with a charcoal grill:

  • Allow at least 30 minutes to heat the grill.
  • Allow the charcoal to glow until a white outer layer forms.
  • Keep an eye on the food you are grilling, as the heat is difficult to regulate.
  • Renew the charcoal after 2 hours if you want the barbecue fun to continue.

How to clean your charcoal grill properly

It is best to clean the charcoal grill after each use. It is also advisable to burn out the grill grate immediately after use. As by burning the leftovers, you save yourself long and tedious scrubbing. The best way to remove the remaining residue is with a grill brush while the grill is still warm.

In addition, you should use a brass brush or crumpled aluminium foil to remove tenacious charcoal residue. Never clean the grill with aggressive cleaning agents. This can attack the protective layer or cause it to rust. And last but not least, probably the most important tip: the more regularly you clean it, the easier it will be.

Gas grill – the fast one

The gas grill is a perfect alternative to the charcoal grill. It is available in different versions: small and large, to take it on your trip to the extravagant luxury version. Most gas grills have several burners. Therefore, heat regulation and faster preparations are great advantages. As a result, gas grills are multifunctional, easy to use and also suitable for a larger number of guests.

Vegetable skewers on a gas grill

Charcoal grill lovers often miss the aromatic taste when using a gas grill. However, this also has an advantage. The gas grill does not produce any smoke or smell of burning like the charcoal grill. This is particularly advantageous when barbecuing on the balcony: it does not disturb neighbours due to possible smoke development.

Advantages of gas grills

  • No smoke or odour development
  • Fast preparation
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Easy temperature control

Disadvantages of gas grills

  • No toasty flavours
  • Requires gas cylinders

Our tips

Gas grills are easy to use when properly and regularly maintained. Therefore, the following must be observed:

  • Check the gas bottle after each use: is there enough gas for the next barbecue evening?
  • Check the gas lines regularly for leaks and malfunctions.
  • A gas grill reaches its temperature very quickly. So keep a close eye on the food.
  • Use the different burners to regulate the heat optimally.

How to clean your gas grill properly

The same applies to the gas grill: the more often you clean it, the easier it is. Burning out immediately after use is also recommended. Therefore, you should burn out the grill chamber until no more smoke can be seen. Immediately afterwards, cleaning the grill grate with a brass brush is the be-all and end-all for a clean grate. This way, your grill is ready for the next barbecue fun.

Electric grill – the compact one

Another type of grill is the electric grill. These are very compact and ideal for use on small terraces or balconies. What also makes the electric grill special is the smoke-free use: just like the gas grill, there is no smoke development. That is particularly useful in an apartment building and prevents disagreements with the neighbours.

Vegetable skewers on an electronic grill

In addition, electric grills are extremely easy to use. With the on and off switch and the use of rotary control, you can start the grill and regulate the heat without any problems. In addition, electric grills are now available in a wide range of models. They offer a suitable selection for both the hobby grill cook and the deluxe grill chef.

Advantages of electric grills

  • No smoke development
  • Easy to use
  • Requires little space
  • Easy heat regulation
  • Short preparation time

Disadvantages of electric grills

  • No grilled or roasted flavours
  • Requires a power connection

How to clean your electric grill properly

Don’t wait too long to clean your electric grill! It is best to use a brass brush to clean the grill grate while it is still warm. Burning out the electric grill chamber also makes cleaning easier for you.

Other tips when using grills

To have the perfect barbecue evening with your loved ones, there are tips and tricks that every grill master should know. It is mandatory that you always preheat your grill and only then put the food on the grill grate.

In addition, meat, vegetables and other foods stick less if you rub the grill with a heat-resistant oil such as olive or sunflower oil beforehand.

If you grill meat, it should be at least 2 to 3 centimetres thick. This will prevent your guests from being served shoe soles. An aromatic marinade is also perfect for emphasizing the taste of the grilled food. Ideally, you should soak it the day before to achieve the best taste results.

If you want to keep meat and other grill items warm, wrap them in aluminium foil to prevent them from drying out. And as a final tip: remove the water from the grilled food and pat it dry. As a result, the heat reaches the food directly without moisture having to evaporate on the surface beforehand.

Now you have learned numerous facts about the different grill types. You are perfectly prepared for your next cozy and delicious barbecue evening. Get out the grill, invite your friends and family and start the grilling season today!

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