How to “cleanse” your body after the holiday season

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After the hard work and exercise at the end of the year, it is good to allow yourself a little bit of overindulgence during the festivities. Now we can help the liver and kidneys cleanse the system simply by choosing a few key ingredients for our daily meals. Such a diet will help our body dissolve (saturated) fats and flush them out. Together with enough exercise (e.g. cycling, running, cross-country skiing, walking…) it will be the perfect combo to feel fit again.

Detox – this is how it’s done

In the morning, drink some lemon juice, with a meal that is very low in sugar. Instead of a honey toast you may prefer nuts, avocado and eggs, for example.

Throughout the day, try to limit animal proteins (especially meat and dairy products) and replace them with vegetable proteins: quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, beans, …

Make every meal richer with lots of raw fruits and vegetables that can be used as a ‘broom’ and a rinse at the same time. If possible, use seasonal, organically grown fruit and vegetables.

Seasonings for main meals can be made with vegetable oil, mustard, lemon and salt – but nothing more.

Finally, it is essential to drink a lot of water on a regular basis. You can alternate with herbal or green tea.

Happy cleansing!

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