Truffles – The Black Diamonds

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For many years truffles have been considered an exquisite edible mushroom and a special delicacy. They enhance simple dishes and give them a touch of speciality. We got to the bottom of the so-called black diamond and discovered some exciting facts.

Truffles have an intense flavour and are very rare. That is why they are in the higher price range and the mushroom belongs to the more refined dishes. The precious mushroom does not have a typical mushroom shape (no stem and hat) and the appearance is typically quite unattractive. Looks can be deceiving!

The Special Thing about Truffles

Once you have tasted a truffle, you know what it is made of! This makes it one of the most wonderful delicacies from both private and master chefs! There is almost no gourmet chef who does not like truffles. Whether black or white, it usually only takes a small amount to conjure up a wonderfully intense truffle dish!

Swiss Truffle Varieties

There are different types of truffles and they range in price. In Switzerland, the Burgundy truffle, or Swiss autumn truffle (biological name Tuber uncinatum), is the most common. This variety is found in the region between Lake Geneva and Lake Constance at an altitude below 1,000 metres.

Searching and Finding Truffles

In Switzerland, there is a relatively large quantity of truffles, but they are not very easy to find. In order to locate these valuable tubers, profound knowledge, many years of experience and plenty of patience are required. Dogs are often called in to search for the precious mushroom. The Lagotto Romagnolo breed is very popular for this — but beware: these dogs love truffles just as much as we humans do 😉

A sensitive touch is required when searching for truffles. Because the mushroom is not only found in the forest but often in parks, cemeteries or even on the side of the road. The environment plays an important role, as the precious tuber lives in symbiosis with trees. They like to stay in the ground near oaks, beeches or hazel shrubs.

Uses for this Exclusive Mushroom

The intense flavour of truffles leaves a lot of room for creative license while cooking. A small amount is often enough to refine dishes such as spaghetti, potatoes, carpaccio or even lasagne. Some truffles do not tolerate heat — especially the Alba and Burgundy truffle. This is why these varieties are sliced over the dishes at the end to develop their full aroma. The Périgord truffle, on the other hand, retains its exquisite flavour even when cooked and is therefore ideal for refining sauces or soups.

Due to the intense flavour of the tuber, only a few ingredients are needed to create a tasty dish. Pasta, omelette or eggs are particularly popular to combine with these rare mushrooms. Let your creativity run wild and be inspired by the unique scent of the black diamond!

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