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Christian Boillat is a confectioner, chocolatier, and delicatessen supplier. Since 1997, in his factory in St.Prex, he’s been producing the best products for his customers.

What makes your production method special?

Daily production of bakery and confectionery products. We work with local producers, including the Moulin de la Vaux in Aubonne and the Pfirter Bakery in St-Prex.

Are your products certified? If so, which certifications do they have?

We have a range of 100% organic products and 100% Swiss breads with the Edelvita label.

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

Our 6 stores in the regions of Nyon and Lausanne, as well as home delivery.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

To enter one of the six brands of Confiserie Christian Boillat, to settle down in a beautiful, cosy and convivial space, to share a good moment with an acquaintance while tasting a drink and one of the specialities of the house, here is the program that we propose you for today or when you want… In our sweetshops, your comfort and your pleasure to taste our many sweet or savoury specialties is our priority. In our comfortably furnished spaces, we strive to offer you moments where the pleasures of the palate are accompanied by a welcoming environment.

Have daily processes, routines or even sales channels changed due to the Corona crisis?

The crisis has forced us to close our tea-rooms, but our range has remained unchanged. We have reduced our staff in relation to our sales.

Something else you want to tell people?

We are in a situation where people’s health is the priority. Our sales teams will enforce all the rules of hygiene and safety distances required by our confederation and canton. Our mission is to bring you a little bit of happiness and indulgence, and we will do it for as long as we can. We will do our best to welcome and serve you by keeping a wide choice of products. Don’t forget that we need you!!! Looking forward to seeing you, Christian Boillat

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