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Planted Foods AG creates juicy, tender meat alternatives which can be processed into various dishes. The ETH Spin-Off was founded in the summer of 2019 by Pascal, Lukas and Christoph and impresses with a revolutionary technology. As a result, the products consist of just four natural ingredients, which produce a deceptively real vegetarian chicken meat.

Please introduce your company in three sentences

We produce delicious plant-based meat alternatives. We avoid animal suffering and the negative consequences for our planet without compromising on taste.

What is special about your products and their production?

We produce our meat replacement products in Switzerland, at the ETH Zurich. Our products consist of only four ingredients and are 100% natural.

Why did you decide to work with Farmy?

Farmy is very well suited to us and our concept. And of course because of the very fitting chicken logo 😉

Which channels do you use to sell your products?

We use several sales channels:

  • Retail (Coop, Farmy, other shops)
  • Our own web shop
  • B2B sales to gastro and food services

What does a normal working day look like for you?

Every day is different. Most of the time we answer all messages first and then we dedicate ourselves to different tasks.

What changes has the crisis brought for your company?

Working from home a lot more, less B2B orders and more B2C online orders.

Do you see any potential or opportunities arising from the crisis?

Yes, that digitisation is being promoted more.

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