Seasonal Swiss Flowers in Autumn and Winter

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We have already reached the last part of our seasonal flower series. Now you have a seasonal calendar for a large number of flowers. Did you gain a little more knowledge?

Here we would like to introduce you to flower, berry and foliage varieties that bloom and grow here from October to December. We will also explore the history of wreaths.

Psst: here are the other three parts of the series:

Which flowers are in season in autumn and winter?

Yes, it’s true: towards the end of the year, not quite as many flowers are in bloom in Switzerland. Nevertheless, we can still enjoy some beautiful plants!

Seasonal flowers in October

Red chrysanthemum

A few flowers that you can find in September may still be in bloom in October. Among them are the elegant or wild dahlias, which flower until frost. These new flowers appear in October:

  • chrysanthemums, which resemble summer asters
  • Rosehips with their joyful red berries – the fruits of roses!
  • Snowberries, which pop loudly when you step on them
Snowberries in a grey ceramic vase
  • the wonderfully fragrant eucalyptus
  • statice with their hearty, small, colourful flowers
  • gladioli, which are also called sword flowers in Switzerland
  • ivy with its dark, lush leaves
  • orange-red, radiant physalis
  • cheerful autumn asters with their delicate flowers
  • calendula found in all kinds of natural cosmetics
Violet autumn asters
Autumn asters

Seasonal flowers in November

In November you can still find eucalyptus, ivy and chrysanthemums in Switzerland. And even though it’s already practically winter, you can still find the following treasures:

  • amaryllis from the genus hippeastrum, which resemble lilies
  • cupressus, the sweet-smelling, bluish conifer
  • the classic, lush green pine we all know: the Nordmann fir
Cupressus in a vase, white background

Seasonal flowers in December

Besides amaryllis and eucalyptus, you will find the following plants in December, both of which are inevitably associated with Christmas:

  • mistletoe, which promises happiness and everlasting love.
  • holly with its pointed leaves and fiery red berries
Mistletoe hanged over a door

The round decoration full of symbolism

Slowly, autumn brings winter with it. And when it comes to flowers, one thing in particular is associated with it: wreaths!

Wreaths, a bound collection of twigs, flowers and leaves, have been around for several millennia. It is believed that already the Romans and Greeks made wreaths by hand and either hung them on their doors as a symbol of triumph or wore them on their heads at festivals as well as to honour warriors. Winners of sporting events also received wreaths.

In Christendom, a wreath symbolises eternal life through its circular shape, and through that, Jesus. In addition, evergreen wreaths began to be placed on graves in the early 19th century to honour the dead.

Advent wreath with dried flowers and candle in the middle

Advent wreaths are also usually woven from evergreen branches. These are said to symbolise immortality, as they are known for their robustness in winter.

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