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Barbecue season is finally here! It’s true that barbecues are usually very casual and no one really cares about the small details. However, as the host, you want to make sure your guests are enjoying the time as much as possible and that the food is just as good. After all, food is the best way to bond with people (be honest, have you ever had a wonderful time with your loved ones with no food involved? Probably not). Which is why we have put together some tips for you to nail this barbecue season.

1. Precook your food when needed

Some vegetables take a longer time than others to cook (think potatoes vs. courgettes). The last thing you want is “al dente” potatoes on your plate. Pre-cooking the potatoes (or any food that has a long cooking time) allows to cut down grilling time, thus avoiding waiting forever to enjoy your barbecue – as well as giving you the possibility to better season them. By boiling them in salted water (you can even add herbs), you allow the flavour to soak in instead of simply seasoning the top of the potatoes on the grill.

2. Barbecue the buns

Is a barbecue really a barbecue without a good burger? We think the answer is no. So before we even start thinking about what goes inside of them, make sure you have the perfect buns. Toasting the buns on the grill will give them a nice crispy texture that will be the perfect contrast with the tender protein.

3.a. Tofu is your friend

Speaking about burgers, we not only mean beef or black bean burgers… What if I tell you that you can also grill plain tofu? “Won’t it fall off the grill?” you ask? Not with these tips: make sure you choose a firm tofu and that you press it well so that it is not too wet; if you want, you can marinate it in some soya sauce, maple syrup, paprika, olive oil and lime juice, and then place it on the grill. If you prefer your tofu plain, then make sure you oil the grill well enough several times before placing the tofu on it, or it might stick onto it.

3.b. Fish is your friend

Speaking about burgers, I bet you probably only thought about beef burgers, chicken or turkey burgers… Barbecues are known to have a lot of food on the table and you may often feel like you overate. Instead of having meat, try a lighter option such as fish. To make the perfect fish burger, keep the fish in the fridge until the very last minute and keep it plain: only season it once the grilling is done (fish is more delicate than meat and may spoil if you season it before grilling it).

4. Marinate, marinate and marinate some more

If you still want to opt for a meat main dish, then you definitely should marinate it. Sure, the grill flavour may be enough for most of us. However, after many barbecues over the summer time, we may want to change things up a bit. Some combinations that you can try are: mustard, garlic powder, pepper, smoked paprika, salt, thyme or – if you wish to go for something more classic for a barbecue – try this: ketchup, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, zest and juice of an orange, garlic cloves and black pepper.

5. Use wood from fruit trees

Another unusual way to add flavour to your grilled food is to use wood from fruit trees. The food will soak up all the fruity and nutty flavours from cherry, plum, apple or even herb woods like cypress, rosemary, eucalyptus… Get your guests to guess what you used to give the food such a smokey yet sweet flavor, they will all be pleasantly surprised to find out and might even replicate it.

6. Avocados to the rescue

A good barbecue should include some vegetable sticks (or tortilla chips if you want to go crazy) and some dips. And as we all know, the king of dips is guacamole! And the good news is it can get an upgrade! Have you tried grilling your avocado? Simply season with lime, olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, then put the cut side onto the grill. If you want to make it extra, you can serve it with a tomato and corn salad, so fresh and colorful!

7. Make it sweet

Yes, grilled food can continue until dessert. You may not have tried it yet but think grilled peaches, mangos and pineapples (you can do it with most fruits). A smokey taste on fresh fruits that goes perfectly with a fruit sorbet. The only way to end a barbecue properly. Just make sure you cut the fruits in big chunks as it may quickly spoil if it’s cut in too small pieces.

8. Create the atmosphere

Last but not least, the first thing that makes you excited for a barbecue is the smell of it. A good way to immerse your guests into the summery feeling is to light up the grill before their arrival. This way you will have a nice smokey smell that will make everyone hungry, but also avoid waiting for the grill to heat up when all you want to do is sit down and enjoy the day.

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