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“Transparency in the product manufacturing chain is becoming increasingly important, and that’s a good thing. After all, our consumers should be able to know where the product they buy comes from and what’s in it. Vivi Kola likes to go the extra mile to the origin of its products. Like the legend from 1938, five Vivi Kola employees traveled to Cameroon to get to the bottom of the wild kola nut. These are in fact sourced from a Fairtrade initiative in Cameroon. Vivi Kola also sources BIO & Fairtrade vanilla from Madagascar and, of course, Swiss sugar and mountain water. The new beverage trio of the Vivi Kola family, the BIO Vivi Sodas also focus on maximum transparency, naturalness and low sugar. Cheers :-)”

The Swiss Kola Classic: Mineralquelle Eglisau has been producing the popular Vivi Kola since 1938. How exactly the mysterious cola nut made its way from Cameroon to Eglisau is not entirely clear. What we do know, is that the bitter-sweet drink with the lovely foam quickly became a Swiss blockbuster. The Swiss brand was however badly affected by the global competition until in 2010 a young, enthusiastic team got together and brought Vivi Kola to life again – sustainably. Quality and taste are just as important as social commitment and environmental responsibility. From production to recycling: Vivi Kola has it all.

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